Conferences & Conventions


Entertainment Ontario works closely with our clients to provide top quality service for a wide variety of events.


- Trade Shows

- Presentations

- Sales Seminars

- Marketing Events

- Golf Tournaments

- Gala Benefits

- Fundraisers

- Client Appreciation

- Staff Social Events



We can help make your event fun and interactive.


- Customized Comedy

- Interactive Improv

- Magicians

- Impersonators

- Casino Nights

- Cabaret Shows

- Fortune Tellers

- Caricaturists

- Musical Revues

- Jazz/Dance Bands

- Comedy Karaoke

- Team Building Activities



Build Better Teams
“Life is a 3-Ringed Circus”

Each team is given a brief lesson in various circus skills and improvisational techniques. Skills learned include: Vocalization and timing, clowning and miming, physical comedy, move to the music, improvising the unknown, Laughter – the great diffuser, team interactive sketch building.

“Murder! Most Musical”

Our troupe will present information in a fun and entertaining format. Using your industry and/or corporate identity as a backdrop, we design The Mystery using the key elements of your conference. Each team is given an opportunity to solve the crime based upon the trail of clues. The game is afoot! But have no fear, Detective Columseau is on the case.

“The Olympians Compete”

The great outdoors activity day. Your group is broken into teams and competes in a variety of challenging events. Combining the skills we all learned in elementary school, each team circles the field and competes against alternating teams at a variety of events. From obstacle courses to mountain climbing, plus a variety of team sports with a twist. Not just for those with speed, agility or the athletically fit. We have created a field of fun for everyone.

“Juggling Your Schedule”
Your team will lean to juggle their schedule, manage their time, and balance their workload 3 balls at a time!


“Keep the Wind in Your Salesꍿ
Learn the skills of sailing and team interactions. From start line to finish, this event will have your sales force energized for weeks to follow.


These are a few of the customized programs that we have put together for previous conferences. Your attendees are broken into groups and as a team, work together to achieve your goals and knowledge in a fun format.

Comments from our clients

“ I appreciate the effort you put into the ”Who Done It” murder mystery and helped develop a script suitable for the event and the audience. The feedback from all the 156 participants that day was very positive and they had a lot of fun. Thank you once again for your services and also your team of actors who impressed the audience and made this day such a big success.”

“I want to express our warmest thanks to you, and the wonderful group of fortune-tellers and mimes you put together for the KPMG Winterfest event. It was a huge success”


A creative approach to Entertainment
Your clients are as important to us as they are to you. When they leave your event, the lasting impression will be one to be proud of. We are very proud of the relationships we have built over the past two decades and we look forward to working with you on your next event.



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